Friday, April 22, 2011

#89 Another Ice Turtle

Today's turtle is a different ice turtle.  This time I used the mould that I had used for my jell-o turtle.

The idea was to float the turtle in a bowl of green water and it would look really awesome.

Here is the turtle.  My 17-year-old called it the "Michael Jackson of turtles" because it's nose fell off. 

I guess since the mould wasn't really made for making floating ice turtles, it doesn't make pefectly balanced ice turtles.  But it was a fun little project. 

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  1. LOL that is a great idea! where did you find a turtle mould?

    I did the ice thing one Halloween with an ice hand I made with a latex glow. It looked really good until the fingers melted off and it looked like a pathetic stump in my punch!

  2. Looks like he could join the Loch Ness Monster, hiding just under the water pretending to be a rock. :)

  3. I don't remember where I got it. I have had it for so long I forget. I have a few other shapes as well -a dinosaur and a duck, I think. But this one is my favourite. I've heard of the glove idea before, but I have never been warned about it getting "stumpy"!

    "Hiding just under the water pretending to be a rock". I wish I had thought of that! I love that!

  4. "Michael Jackson of turtles" ...

    I just startled my little dog, Frodo, because I laughed so loud.

  5. cute, cute, cute- although on my monitor he is kind of glowing neon green and looks a bit like an alien turtle :)