Friday, April 1, 2011

#68 Glass Stone Turtle

I found these nifty items that were called "Glass Stones" the other day.  As soon as I saw them I thought that they looked like turtle shells.  I made this guy out of a glass stone and some other items that I had lying around the house.  It is not my favourite turtle, but not bad either. There were several of these "stones" in the package so I may have an army of these turtles once I find other materials to make bodies out of.
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  1. So Cute! Hey I could bead you a turtle for you, it could be a lesson for me and a turtle for you! Let me know!

  2. If you can make it a tutorial I can make one!
    That would be awesome.

  3. Here's a cute pattern that looks pretty easy. I may do it also!

  4. I've seen that pattern before but not knowing stitches, I've avoided trying it. I have a book now that teaches them -I just haven't looked at my copy much (I borrowed it from the library before purchasing it). Maybe I will get brave one of these days and challenge myself!
    Thanks for the link. I did not have that one bookmarked.