Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#72 The Turtle Formerly Known as 'Earring'

Imagine my happy surprise when I checked the mail today to find a letter from my Mom.  :)
Inside that letter was a pair of earrings that she had acquired but didn't love.  Mom saw turtle potential in the polished stone bead and sent them to me!  I immediately got to work turning one of them into a turtle.  I think I will make a (different coloured) mate for this turtle with the other earring.

Funny how lighting changes a picture.  these were taken on the same background.  The first one in daylight and the second at night, using the overhead light.  The first photo shows the background colour best, but the second shows the turtle's colour the best.  Strange.   
Hubby thought an overhead view was needed to show this turtle's proportions and what a great shape the shell has.

Thanks Mom!
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