Saturday, April 2, 2011

#69 Computer Desktop Turtle

Kind of lame, I know.  But actually quite fitting for the day that I had today.  It took over six hours to set up an "old" computer for our oldest daughter.  We wiped it clean and started from factory settings so my day was spent updating and installing programs.  There is still more to be done, but she can do that herself.  Because of that, updating my computer's wallpaper is very fitting. I took the photo too, about two weeks ago.  This is one of my daughter's turtles.
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  1. lol, is that from the tv? cool!

  2. It is a picture of my computer screen. I edited my post. Sometimes I forget that everybody else isn't on the same train of thought that I am on (I travel that train alone a lot, I think...). That is my youngest daughter's turtle. She has two.
    I like the way his little 'arms' are just a blur. :)