Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#86 Mousse Turtle

It's a moose.  No, it's a turtle, made of mousse!  Haha.  Sorry, just feeling a little silly this evening.  I wanted to edit some moose antlers onto this , but don't know how.
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  1. Does this mean we'll see a Jackson Pollock turtle at some point? :)

  2. ahhhh - the fleeting life of the cute puffy mousse turtle...

  3. LOL!!! Do you see turtles everywhere now ? This is a super cute post- put a smile on my face for the day :)

  4. *ahem* I had to Google Jackson Pollock. I think ANY painting I would do would end up looking abstract. Or like a four year old painted it.
    A fleeting life it was. I rinsed him down the sink right after the photo. But I could smell the mousse for a while after!
    I am seeing turtles everywhere now! Thanks.