Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#93 Me. Represented in a Turtle

I almost always have black pants on and my absolute favourite hoodie is my pink one so that is the one I wear the most often and I have brown eyes.  Soooooo  I made myself a little turtle with a pink hoodie and black "pants" and gave her brown eyes.

Here she is with her hood down.....

And here she is with her hood up.

(I usually have my hood down, unless birds are flying overhead) Pin It


  1. Cute! She may need some personalised family/friends to keep her company :)

  2. Thanks!

    I offered to make Hubby one. I suggested blue "pants" (because he mostly wears jeans) and a dirty grey sweatshirt (because he like to bum around the house in an old, stained but comfy sweatshirt) He got offended!

    I still think it's funny.
    The kids just think I'm nuts.

  3. Offended? Pourquoi? To have one's likeness forever captured in the plushie form of a turtle familiar is an honor. Would he want his turtle to be... naked?

  4. I think it was because I specified a "dirty" sweatshirt!