Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#80 Yet Another Nailpolish Turtle

My sewing machine and I had a falling out today.  It was mad at me, I was mad at it.  Then Hubby came home from work and fixed everything.  All it wanted was a little oil, he came home to find me in front of the machine, manual in hand, saying "I don't understand where it wants me to put any oil!"  He took over and everything has been working smoothly ever since.   Except...  I didn't get the turtle intended for today finished.  So I had to opt for quick. I recently got my hands on some new nailpolish with a teeny-tiny brush (from a dollar store!) so I gave my nail a sparkly turtle tonight.  Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the other turtle tomorrow. Oh, and if you are wondering, no, I wasn't smart enough to watch where to put the oil for next time.
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  1. LOL, I'm with ya on this one! One thing with the 365 is you always have to have a few "quick" backups just in case something goes wrong with the first idea. Thanks for your idea of a good save, next time I have problem I'm going to glue a flat back crystal to my nail and call it a day! lol

  2. You'll have to come up with a unique name for that technique!

    I am actually having a lot of fun with the nailpolish, which is kind of funny because I've never really been one to paint my nails often!