Sunday, April 10, 2011

#77 Matching Turtle Earrings

Today I made some earrings to match yesterday's bracelet. 
I flipped one over to take the photo so you can see the little turtle belly.  Tomorrow we shall see if my necklace idea will work.

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  1. Happy? I commented.

  2. Very cool... are the feet, heads and tails articulated?

  3. *note to self - don't complain that Hubby never comments on the blog*

    Tricia - Is it bad that I had to look up "articulated"? LOL The definition I saw was essentially 'jointed'. If that is what you meant, then the answer is no. These turtles are solid metal (pewter, I think) beads with a hole that goes from head to tail.
    Movable limbs would be AWESOME!

  4. Jointed/moveable is exactly what I meant. I only have one articulated hand in my hand collection... I think an articulated turtle would have to be beyond cute.

  5. I agree it would be great Tricia. I wonder how I would go about making one.....