Sunday, April 24, 2011

#91 Pumpkin Turtle

My youngest daughter presented me with a really old mini pumpkin today.  It has been in her room since early October.  Before tossing it in the "green bin", I decided to make my turtle for today out of it.

And a top view.
I am still surprised that it wasn't a lot softer than it was!
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  1. Very cute... and you may have little ones growing in the green bin (if the "green bin" is the same thing as a mulch pile)

  2. The "green bin" program is something that our city runs. It is essentially a garbage bin that the city picks up and deals with that accepts all kinds of "organic waste" including stuff that you wouldn't put in your back yard pile. (meats, bones, bread, pet waste..... and so on) Then the city does -whatever- to it and turns it into compost. We do have a composter out in the yard, but I don't put seeds in it. It really cuts down on what we end up sending to the landfill. I did think of planting some of the seeds, but changed my mind.