Sunday, April 3, 2011

#70 Failed turtle

Today I tried to shrink a turtle.  I know that styrofoam can be used like shrink plastic.  We had the last of the Chinese food tonight and had these containers so I thought I would try a different shrinky-dink type of turtle.
Everything was going fine at first.  I cut the container up and made it look a little like a turtle. I drew eyes on it.  I think it's face looks a little like a duck, but I was hoping that shrinking it would help that.  It didn't.

So into the toaster oven it went.  It was twisting and shrinking as they always do except this time it wasn't flattening out.  I don't know if that ridge along the shell was the problem of if it just managed to stick to itself.  I tried to gently shape it while it was still warm but it was really stuck to itself so I ended up with this:

My husband is still  laughing.

I did use my turtle potholders though.  I have learned about the importance of seam allowances making these, but I still like them so I haven't bothered making a new pair. 

But don't let my oldest daughter use them.  She will graze a burner with them and singe the poor turtle's little foot. 
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  1. LOL oh my gosh you really made me laugh! Sounds like something I would do. Thanks for putting it on your blog this way and not trying to fix it. Oh, and put a bandaid on that turtle boo boo!

  2. I DID try to fix it Mandy! LOL
    It was stuck to itself and I couldn't do anything with it. I wound up throwing it out. It got very brittle and when I was showing my daughter it's head fell off! Definitely not my best turtle.....

  3. Hmm I didn't realize that you could do homemade shrinky dinks like this. Sorry to see it didn't work. I wonder if a flat piece would work better?

  4. A flat piece would work better. I did that with the kids years ago.
    I made a turtle with plastic a while ago too(I think I called it shrinky turtle or something similar) I'm pretty sure I described what I did.