Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#79 American Sign Language Turtle

Today I decided to post something that I've been planning to post "some day" since I began this project. I am posting it today because I've been thinking of it since discovering Tricia's blog Habitual Hands, where she posts a hand-themed photo daily.
I have a friend who learned American Sign Language a few years ago.  She taught me and my daughters several words. Please, thank you, the alphabet, numbers one to ten, and very important words like milk, pop, cookie, cat, dog and of course, turtle.
I am almost positive that I am remembering this right.  What the picture can't show is that you wiggle your thumb a little from side to side.

Naturally, my oldest daughter walked into the room as I was posing in front of the camera with a mirror set up behind it and the timer going.....    sigh
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  1. LMAO, that is awesome!

  2. This is one of my favorites of yours. So cool.

    *wiggle wiggle*

  3. Thanks everyone! My daughter thought it was "lame". I'm glad I don't take her opinions to heart!