Thursday, April 7, 2011

#74 Blackboard Turtle

My children take turns emptying the dishwasher.  The current system is:  After you empty the dishwasher, put your initial on the calendar.  The next time the dishwasher needs emptied I check the calendar to see who did it last.  If you forget to put your initial on the calendar, too bad.  I can't see it, so it didn't happen and it is your turn again.  That is how I get them to remember to put their initial down.  It is a system that works very well except for the fact that my calendar is covered in initials.  When I discovered this cool peel and stick chalkboard stuff I knew that I wanted to use it for a turtle.  My oldest suggested using it as a dishwasher reminder.  Good idea.
Here is the turtle stuck up inside the dishes cupboard right above the dishwasher.

I covered the chalk with paper to keep our hands clean and had to make it turtle-y.  I also had to make sure that the chalk worked so I drew some eyes on the turtle.

Then I remembered that these are my  kids and they are very silly so I decided to add a reminder.  The sticky I added says:  "Note:  "me" is NOT an acceptable answer."   I'm sure that there will still be some silly answers.  This might be fun!
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