I decided to start this blog after learning about Noah Scalin's project where he created, found or photographed a different skull every day for 365 days.  He has another blog where everyone is encouraged to make something every day as well.  In 2010 I did what I called "Project 52" where I took a photo a week.  The original idea was to take a photo a day, but I honestly didn't think I could take enough interesting photos to get one every single day, so I chose to do one a week.  I really enjoyed that project and am continuing that through 2011.  Because I had so much fun with my Project 52, when I learned about Skull-A-Day I thought it would be a lot of fun.  It would force me to be creative and sharpen my very limited photography skills.

So here we are.
My personal rules are:
1.  Create a new turtle every day.
2.  I am allowing myself to simply take a nice photo of one of my many, many figurines if I am stumped for ideas.
3.  I am thinking of following the "daily life" of a specific figure, but I am not sure if I will follow through with this idea or not.
4.  Post all of my creations/photographs. -I may not actually post every single day (although that is the plan right now) but if I fall behind in posting, I will do a big post catching up on everything I have fallen behind with.

Other than that, my 'rules' are very loose.  We shall see what develops!

Any suggestions, comments and constructive criticism are welcomed.

Thanks for reading this.
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