Thursday, March 24, 2011

#60 Silver Turtle

I didn't make this one today, but I did make it, and I took the photo today.

A few years ago my husband gave me a certificate to attend a class to learn about Art Clay Silver.  In a nutshell, you work with what looks like regular clay, make your design, fire it and when it is done, it is not regular clay at all, it is actually silver. He thought I would enjoy it (he was right!) and he also thought that it was something that I wouldn't try on my own (again, he was right!).  I knew that I wanted to make some kind of turtle pendant.  I also knew that my artistic skills are lacking, but I didn't let that stop me!  I ended up with this very ... simple... turtle.  Even though it is not professional, I love it.  So I am sharing my necklace today.

I gave it a belly too, just in case it flips over.

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1 comment:

  1. love it! i have been searching for this clay everywhere and can never find it. jealous!