Sunday, March 13, 2011

#49 Present turtles

Hubby gave me a gift certificate to my favourite bead store and took me to it too!  I knew that they were having a sale, but I thought it was a week long sale.  I am so glad I went yesterday because it is only a weekend sale.  I would have missed the boat if I had waited until Monday. I got oodles of beads, some with turtle potential, but one was an actual turtle.  I am using it as my turtle of the day because I paired it with a polished slice of stone.  Well, to give credit where credit is due, this was Hubby's idea.  We are going to secure the two pieces together soon using silicone so that I can safely take them apart in the future if I wish without damaging either piece.
Here it is, with my penny in the background.

Here is a different angle to show the size.

See, it really is a glass bead.  See the hole?  I certainly wouldn't want to string it on anything,  I'd hate to break it!

I also got this really cool cast iron turtle from Mom and Dad.

Then today my daughter presented me with this wooden one.  She rediscovered it while cleaning her closet.  Neither one of us can remember the story behind this one.  She thinks that she might have made it with her dad.  I need to ask him, I'm sure that he knows.  Either way it was a very long time ago and she doesn't want it anymore.

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