Saturday, March 12, 2011

#48 Pizza Turtle

I knew that I wouldn't be in "turtle mode" today so I started this one last night.  I like to do as little work as humanly possible on my birthday so I started today's lunch the night before.  One of my daughters and I made three pizzas.  Two big cookie sheet sized ones and one smaller personal turtle pizza.  (No, we aren't pigs, my parents came over for lunch!)  My personal pizza turtle didn't end up even getting eaten today so I guess he will be tomorrow night's dinner!
I took a photo of him before he went in the oven just in case he got horribly overcooked or something.

But he cooked great!

I got two cool turtles too.  But I'll post them tomorrow.  Taking more pictures today would be too much work!
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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Personal Pizza Turtles... Genius! I would be the best Auntie ever if I made this for my nephew.