Thursday, March 10, 2011

#46 Cake Turtle

Today my youngest turned 13. 
I am now a mom to not one, but two teenagers.  I feel so old.
I made her cake and I tend to disguise my poor icing skills with sprinkles.  I figured that I would make a turtle out of the sprinkles, then just cover the whole cake.  I shook the sprinkles out of the bag and made my turtle freehand and thought it turned out quite well! My daughter has pet turtles (see my second post if you want to see them) so I decided to leave it on the cake.  She liked it.

I can't believe she is thirteen......

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  1. Your icing looks a lot better than mine! Oh and your turtle is great looking. I am not talented with sprinkles or icing cakes.

  2. Just wandered across your blog! My favorite are sea turtles... that's my 14 month old son's animal :) I look forward to more projects!