Sunday, March 20, 2011

#56 Sock Turtle

I love making sock monkeys so today I decided to try making a sock turtle.  I couldn't find anything online to help me so I totally flew by the seat of my pants.  This little guy is far from perfect, but I am proud of it because I made it completely by myself, with no instruction from anyone.  Oh, except the eyes.  I got an expert thirteen year old's assistance placing the eyes.  But other than that, this turtle is completely an Angela creation. I like the way that the seam of the toe looks like a smile.

Update to yesterday's turtle.  My 17 year old daughter is offended because the tutorial I used had the turtle wearing a party hat and I didn't give it one.  She wrote this comment on yesterday's post:
"That poor, left out turtle. I think he deserves a hat too.
From, Your daughter, speaking on behalf of your turtle."

Then she went on to make him one.
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  1. I love your turtle and wish I had one! I thought he looked perfect without the hat, but, after seeing the picture of the turtles with hats, I have to agree with your daughter. :D He'd be much happier with the hat on! LOL

  2. Haha! I'll be sure to tell her! She'll get a kick out of that.

  3. I would rather be a Sock Turtle than a Mock Turtle!

    He looks very worry-free.

  4. That is one goofy looking sock turtle. He is adorable.

  5. i wanna know how to make him he's so cute

  6. Thank you! I wish I could tell you what I did, but I just kinda tweaked it as I went along. I don't even know if I could make another one like this myself!