Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#58 Fingernail Turtle

I didn't like the way I had done my nails yesterday so today I re-did them.  This time I tried to make a little silhouette decal to place on my nail.  It looks more like a flower than a turtle, but cutting a microscopic turtle isn't an easy task!  I just used a regular piece of paper, which I learned is far too thick, a Sharpie and some embroidery scissors.  Next time I'm trying tissue paper.  I think I need to stop taking such close pictures of my nails, they look fine normally, but every imperfection really shows up in these close-up shots! 

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  1. Me thinks you need a cricut now hehehee! Very cute!

  2. Have you seen this! : D it's a turtle pincushion. I thought of you when I saw it.

  3. I have Ann! I've got that baby bookmarked to use at a later date! I love that you thought of me, thanks!