Thursday, July 28, 2011

#185 Turtle Pen #2 *fail*

I learned a lesson about these pens today.  Use a plain, clear stick pen.  Which I don't have, of course.  I picked up one of those pens that has a blue pen, red pen and a mechanical pencil all in one handy pen.  Silly me, I thought I could fancy it up like I attempted to do with this one.  (I found the blog again too!  I had it bookmarked all along.  I got the idea here.)  Again 'pen parts' I didn't notice inside messed me up. I like having a pen like this in my purse though, so it isn't a loss at all, just not as cool as I was hoping.
Here is my failed attempt.  See how the paper is all bunched up in there?

A couple years ago I was given a whole, huge roll of these stickers for my birthday.

I have used them to label just about everything of mine.  All of my chargers have a turtle on them, the girls and I all have matching water bottles so mine has a turtle on it. My flash drive has one.... you get the picture.  Why should this pen be any different? 

A pretty lame turtle for today, I know.  But I did put quite a bit of time into my attempt so it still counts!
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  1. LOL, they all can't be spectacular! Love the stickers!

  2. I have those same stickers! I like them so much I only use them on very special things :)

  3. I'm going to be sad when they are gone! Mind you, by then I probably won't have anything left to label as 'mine'!