Saturday, July 9, 2011

#166 Toddlers and Turtle Books

We went to visit my cousin today.  I found a cuuuuuuttteee little board book a little while ago and picked it up to use as a prop and a gift.

That fuzzy face is actually a finger puppet that goes through the whole four page book so you can play with a turtle on every exciting page!  Very cute.

So, with our adorable toddler sitting with my oldest daughter, we showed him how the book works. 

He wasn't interested in reading it just now, but he does seem to like it!  He was having fun squishing the turtle.

Later, both of my daughters were reading it with him and he was giving the turtle kisses!  I wish I got a picture of THAT.  I'd say he definitely likes the book.

Start 'em young!  We can make a turtle lover out of him!  (Or at least a reader!) Pin It


  1. That is so cute!!! Great idea!

  2. agreed - this scores "way cute" on the cute-meter

  3. Thank you!!!
    He really was (is!) "way cute!" My oldest just loved his shirt too. It's Mater!

  4. He was reading today! Kissing and squishing it