Thursday, July 7, 2011

#164 Paper Towel Turtle ...or, Lightning Turtle

Lightning McQueen, that is.
I got the idea in my head that it would be fun to make a simple turtle using a piece of paper towel.  As usual, things are never simple.  I realized that my paper towel has eyes, so I wanted to incorporate them into the turtle's eyes. 
Why does my paper towel have eyes?  Because I am a sucker.  I took the girls shopping one day and my seventeen year old got extremely excited because the store had 'Cars 2' paper towel that has Mater on it.   She may be seventeen and heading to university, but she still loves cartoons like a five year old and thinks Mater is totally awesome.  Anyhow, she was sooooo excited about these silly paper towels, and we needed some anyway, and they were priced well....  I ended up bringing the package home.  So we are now on roll #2 of the six pack and to my daughter's supreme disappointment 3/6 rolls do not have Mater on them.  We are now using a Mater-free roll and will use the next two, saving the remaining Maters for last.  This roll has a big Lightning McQueen on it, those are his eyes I used for the turtle.
See?  This is the picture on our current roll.

Here is my towel turtle.

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  1. LOL you are so creative Ange! Glad you explained who the characters are, I hadn't a clue!

  2. I like how you incorporated McQueen's eyes!