Saturday, July 2, 2011

#159 Bubble Turtle

My plan for today was to make a coooooooollll turtle using some "touchable bubbles".  Touchable bubbles are not supposed to  pop easily and you (theoretically) can handle them.  I had a vision of an adorable little turtle made out of bubbles.

It didn't work.

I was outside for at least half an hour making a bubbly mess.  This was the best turtle I could do:

So I smooshed the bubble goo around on the table to make a turtle shape. 

I added some eyes with picnik in case you can't see it.  :)

Then, after dinner the girls and I went out and blew a few million bubbles and took a gazillion pictures.
One dollar VERY well spent, in my opinion!  Even if I didn't get the cooooolllll turtle I wanted!
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