Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#183 Kettle Turtle

Today, much to my horror and sadness, my kettle died.  Hubby says that I probably put about twenty years of use on it in the year and a half that I had it.  I drink a lot of tea, and the kids like to have hot chocolate a few times a week.  Today I went to use it for my second mug and nothing happened.  I was not happy to have to use a regular pot to boil my water on the stove for the rest of the morning.
In rememberance for my beloved kettle, I made today's turtle using the base, the dome-shaped lid and some tea bags.  I snuck in two coffee beans for eyes too.

Now I have a shiny new kettle in the kitchen waiting for me to use it! 
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  1. Sorry about your kettle, but this turtle is so cute. That plug tail and the coffee bean eyes are real smile makers.

  2. Aww a fitting memorial! My brother installed an insta-hot on my kitchen sink for my bithday, no more waiting for water to boil!

  3. Thanks. :)

    I've never heard of insta-hot Mandy. I'm going to have to look that up!

    I think my new kettle is quicker than my old one. Quieter too. I'll get used to the new look I guess. I really liked the look of my old one.

  4. Sweet! This is one of my favorite turtle posts! The tail is perfect!