Friday, July 8, 2011

#165.5 Cookies

Well, I was feeling guilty about calling that bonnet my turtle so I tried to make my chocolate chip cookies turtle-y.
Not my finest work.
I tried two different ways.  First I tried to make the cookie itself turtle shaped.

It didn't look too bad uncooked. 

But baked, it spread out into a shapeless blob.

I also tried to shape the chips into a turtle shape on another cookie.

But that spread out too.

I spread the chocolate around with a spoon and that helped a little.
At least now, I really did attempt make turtles after all.  And I just finished the cookies at about 10:15 pm! 
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  1. Hey I think that last one looks pretty good! Bet it tastes better!

  2. He looks like a yummy turtle! :)

  3. After hours of clinical trials and lab testing, the Cookie-Turtle is approved and finally ready for release (into somebody's tummy)

    Great Job Ange!

  4. Thanks!
    LOL! That cookie turtle (the last one) was in somebody's tummy before this was even posted!
    The entire batch is gone already!