Friday, July 8, 2011

#165 Bonnet for a ....turtle?

Okay, so I know this is kind of cheating.  But this little bonnet took me about three times longer than it should have.  I really need to practice my sewing more.  I had no problems with this tutorial, I am just a lot slower than I think I am.  I looked at this and thought "I could make that.  It'll take about an hour.  I'll start as soon as I am done weeding the front."  (Weeding took loger than expected too, go figure)

An hour.  Yeah, right.

So here I am, just after dinner (which my daughter made.  Thank you!) and I still have to help wash the truck and bake cookies because we are going to my cousin's tomorrow.  Can't show up in a dirty truck!

My cousin has two little children.  One is about a year and a half, and the other is pretty much brand new.  Two months old.  I already have a little something made for the older one, but I wanted to bring something for the baby so when I saw this tutorial for a simple, but adorable baby bonnet that kind of 'grows' with the little girl, I thought it looked perfect.  And making this bonnet is why I never  washed the truck or baked cookies this afternoon.

I used a stuffed turtle to model the bonnet.  The turtle is not really shaped like a baby's head, but you can tell how absolutely adorable the bonnet turned out.  I am rather proud of myself.  I hope my cousin likes it!

And the back.  Remember that the turtle is not really shaped like a baby head.  The tag is on the turtle.  I didn't think to put one in the hat.

I'm off to wash the truck now!
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