Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#156 Breakfast Turtle

I made this one this morning because I knew that I would be distracted today.  So distracted that I forgot to post this after I took it!
Today is the last day of school for my thirteen year old, (her sister was done last week) and to celebrate all of them being "promoted to grade eight" she has a bunch of friends over.  Hubby and I will be starting the barbecue soon.
Here is my breakfast.  Sort of. I added an egg and rearranged the cheese before eating it.  :)
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  1. ha ha! I love those thin bread things!

  2. Is it a cracker or a muffin?

  3. I think it is called a 'flat bun'. It is a bread product. I got it off the 'half-price' rack at the grocery store. I like it just fine, but I think I'll just stick to english muffins once the pack is finished. :)