Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#128 University...

My oldest daughter will be graduating from highschool in a few weeks.  She applied to three different university programs and got offers of acceptance from all three.  A couple days ago she accepted one of them which means my little girl is going to university in September!
It seems like she was just a baby a short time ago.  I am terribly proud of her.  She has worked hard in school to get excellent marks (and has been rewarded with a bit of scholarship money!) and fully deserves all of her success.  Hubby and I have never had to make her do schoolwork, everything she has achieved scholastically has been 100% her own decision and effort.  (Thankfully, it would appear that her younger sister has the same ethics and desire!) 

So this turtle is a little doodle I made with my feelings in it. 

If you can't read my chicken-scratch... 
It's eye is a dollar sign. 
His mouth is the words "bus fare".
His head says "scholarships are good but get a job!"
His shell says "A university-bound 17 year old daughter makes Mommy feel very old but also very very proud.  CONGRATULATIONS!"
One foot says "five years" (that is how long the program is)
The other foot says "teaching program"
His tail says "tuition" Pin It


  1. awww, that is sweet, congratulations!

  2. A Super big CONGRATULATIONS to her and you!

  3. congrats to both of you ~:)

  4. a big huge Congrats to your daughter and to you for raising such a wonderful daughter too. This is sooo sweet ♥

  5. Blogger hasn't been letting me comment for days. I just cleared all my cookies and now I can comment again!

    Thank you all for your kind words.
    We will happily accept any donations toward her tuition. :D