Sunday, June 26, 2011

#153 Chippy Turtle!

I would guess that it took about three seconds (after snapping this photo) for the vultures to swoop in!  At least these particular vultures had the courtesy to ask "Can I have a chip?????"  
I ended up with the little chip on top and the fragments used for limbs.  *sigh* 
Then, the vultures vanished as quickly as they came.
I think that what surprises me the most is that these vultures (13 & 17 year old girls) were satisfied with one chip each!
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  1. Love this one. Makes me want to see a pickle chip turtle with an olive head. :)

  2. The lifespan of the chip turtle - fleeting.

    BTW - this morning - my almost 3 year old nephew disclosed he was a turtle. I asked him what kind sound turtles make and he answered "ribid"

  3. Hmmm.... If I hold my breath, I might be able to do one using a pickle (I don't like them, but Hubby does!) But there are no olives in this house.

    Tricia, I have never heard my daughter's turtles make any sound at all. Maybe they "ribid" when they think nobody is listening.....