Sunday, June 19, 2011

#146 Ginkgo Turtle

We have a beautiful ginkgo tree in the back yard.  My mom grew it from a seed (we bought the house from my parents when they decided to move out of the city).  I just love the shape of the leaves.  This evening as I was hanging out with Hubby while he barbecued dinner (HIS choice!  I know it is Father's Day) I saw a turtle shell in the leaves.  We had a storm not too long ago and there are quite a few leaves lying in the grass so I didn't even have to pull any off the tree to make these.

This was the turtle shell I had envisioned:

Hubby was a little surprised when he saw what I was doing because when I said I saw a turtle shell in the leaves, he envisioned something more like a turtle swimming toward me.  At least, I think this is what he was describing:
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