Saturday, June 25, 2011

#152 Mini Marshmallow Turtle

What do I do when my daughter drops a couple marshmallows onto the floor?  Play with them before throwing them out!!!  Two mini marshmallows made a leap for freedom as my daughter tried to put them in her hot chocolate. (Yes, hot chocolate.  She drinks it all year round.  Actually, both of my daughters do.)  I had her set them aside for me since I hadn't made a turtle yet.

He probably wouldn't be able to swim very well with those oddly formed rear legs. 
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  1. hee hee so cute! You are getting good at this! At walmart today I saw that Jet-Puff now has Chocolate Mint marshmallows! How good would that be in hot chocolate!

  2. I'll bet those would be awesome toasted!

  3. I guess those marshmallows didn't pass the 5-second rule? LOL

    I, like your daughters, drink hot chocolate year round too! People drink coffee year round, so.....