Saturday, June 11, 2011

#138 Y.A.Y. Turtle

Wayyyyyyy back in 1986, I joined a group called Youth Assisting Youth (YAY).  YAY is a peer mentoring organization.  The commitment is a year, but my "little sister" and I have stayed in contact.  When the annual picnic came along this year, I went and brought my kids.  I hadn't been to a YAY picnic for over ten years (not counting last year when Hubby and I crashed it right at the end to say hello to people)  I decided to draw a turtle on my 'passport', thanks to a suggestion from my oldest daughter.
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  1. Wow turtles turn up everywhere!

  2. I think that is so sweet you have stayed in touch with your "little sister". You will probably have a big impact on her life :)

  3. Thanks Kim. She says I have. She is in her late thirties now, so I don't think I have any real impact any more. She definitely had an impact on my life too. :)
    She even wrote a letter about it that was published in the newsletter that made me all misty.

    Now my oldest has decided she wants to make a difference so she is at the beginning of the screening process right now. :D (*proud Mommy moment*)