Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#142 Appreciated Turtle


I used to help out at the girls' elementary school A LOT.  Now that my youngest is nearly done grade seven, I don't help out as much.  But I still help out!  Today was "Volunteer Appreciation" and we were invited for a little treat as the school's way of saying thank you to us for all of our valuable help throughout the school year.

We had to decide what we wanted first.  A piece of chocolate cake, or some really good (even if it wasn't spiked) punch.  (I had some punch, then some cake, then some more punch)

They even gave us a little gift of a journal and a gel pen.
It was a nice hour.  :)
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  1. That was a sweet hour, and an even sweeter special guest you brought along!


  2. your mini-turtle is dwarfed by that cake! yummmmm

  3. The cake was HUGE. And delicious. :)

    Misha, that turtle 'lives' in my purse for just such occasions! I think I am going to have to make a new one though, this one is starting to fall apart! :(