Monday, February 21, 2011

#29 Wooden Turtle (made by MEEEE!!)

Hubby has been trying for years to get me interested in his hobby of woodworking.  He has even picked out projects that he thought I would enjoy.  A few weeks ago he hit on one that I thought I would enjoy.  I went trotting to the shop at about noon thinking I would be a couple of hours, then I could go play my (single player) video game while he was still in the shop doing his own thing.  Yeah, right.  The video game is untouched and I was in the shop for five hours.  But I have an awesome turtle to show for it.  And I did most of the work myself.
I started out by gluing the patterns onto my piece of pine.

Then it was off to the scroll saw.  I enjoyed this part.

I made lots of sawdust.  Hubby told me that I was crazy to come out there in clean black pants, but yesterday was laundry day and all I have are freshly washed pants!

After lots and lots and lots of sanding and using the Dremel tool, and more sanding,  -I am not a fan of the belt sander.  That worries me more than the saw does.   My masterpiece was finished.   All it needs now are eyes and a finish.  I am thinking I will leave it natural wood and just put some varathane on it.  I think if I try to add colour I will ruin it.

This is the best part.  It has a secret compartment!!!!  I guess it isn't a secret any more though.

Hubby helped a little with the final sanding.  I was getting very tired of sanding.  And he cut the very short dowel that the shell pivots on.  My fingers would have been far to close to the saw blade for my liking.  Other than that, he was amazingly patient with me and helpful without doing the work for me.

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  1. Angela its perfect! Wow!!! I love it & totally want one.

  2. Hey Angela, Love the woodworking project. Good for you!

    I can't get on Craftforum today, so I thought I'd comment here and let you know that another turtle is on its way to you. Hope you like it.

  3. Did you count your fingers when you were done? Terrific turtle. She might be even better stained, but practice on some wood scraps first.

  4. I have actually decided that a light stain in green will probably look good. No painting though, I think that will ruin it.

    I did check and I still have all ten fingers! I didnt even break a nail!

    Pinokeeo, I am excited, yours is on the way very soon too!

  5. Would love to have you share your wooden turtle at We're also looking for authors for crafts related articles if you're interested. Thanks. -- Ben

  6. Thank you for the compliment Ben, but I am going to have to decline your offer. I looked at you site and it is geared towards selling your items. I don't sell my stuff. As well, I am no woodworker, I had a lot of coaching with this turtle so writing articles would be out too.