Sunday, February 13, 2011

#21 iTurtle

I was bad and didn't make any turtles today.  So instead I'm sharing my iTurtle.  He's a speaker for an MP3 player.  His little shell lights up and raises and lowers, he bobs his little head and taps his little foot to the music.  The sound quality leaves a lot to be desired, but his cuteness makes up for it.
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  1. OMG! Adorable! Where did you get your iTurtle?

  2. Thanks. I got it about two years ago so I have no idea if they are still available. I had seen it at Walmart (oddly, in the toy department, not electronics) and loved it. Before I had the chance to convince my husband that I needed to have one of these, my in-laws presented me with it! I'm a lucky girl! I had seen them in Toys R Us too, but they cost more there.

  3. Okay so this is super cute, I've never seen anything like that before :)