Sunday, February 6, 2011

#14 Pizza Crust Turtle

We are having pizza again tonight.  We enjoy making (and eating!!) pizza.  I decided that today's turtle was going to be made out of some of our home made pizza crust.  I gave it eyes and a smile and I had my turtle completed to my satisfaction, but my twelve year old daughter thought it was far too plain and decorated it's shell (with my permission)
Here it is uncooked.

And here it is finished!  It's pretty small, it is on a dessert plate.  I didn't think to measure it. Pin It


  1. I love this little turtle! It's so cute and the design on it's back is perfect!

  2. I like this favorite so far...:)


  3. What a cute idea, I love it!
    And, what a great project...good idea to photo a DIFFERENT turtle everyday. I only wish I'd thought of doing different fish everyday, as opposed to just Ralph. :)

  4. Thank you Half Dozen!

    Barb, I'll be sure to tell her that her design is "perfect". She will like that.

    Gloria, I am not surprised at all that your favourites are the food ones! :)

    That is funny Pink Bayou, I was thinking the opposite. After seeing Ralph's adventures, I was thinking that I should have picked a favourite turtle and done what you did!
    (Did what you done? Nope. That sounds wrong too. Hopefully you know what I mean!!)

  5. Haha, yeah, I gotcha. Funny, the grass is always greener, eh? I'm only 43 days in and I am sooooo running out of ideas, but can come up with a thousand if I didn't have to include Ralph day after day!