Friday, February 11, 2011

#19 Papercraft Turtle

I started out doing a "Google" search for a simple origami turtle, but then I came across a cute papercraft one.  I thought I would try that one when I found a really nifty one.  I thought "I could do that".  HA!  Famous last words...
It took me at least an hour to just cut it out.  But that was okay because I was still having fun and my new turtle was going to look sooooo cool.  Well, the shell assembly went beautifully. The back legs too.  The front legs seemed fine and so did the head.  Until I went to attach the head to the front legs and the front legs to the shell. 
The instructions are in Japanese, I think I forgot to mention that. 
I don't understand Japanese. 
I tried my best to follow the pictures but when I followed them it distorted the shell and squeezed it all out of shape.  Even Hubby, who came in as I was turtle wrestling, couldn't figure it out.  So I ended up making my own tabs and putting it together my own way.  As long as you don't look underneath (I gave up on glue and trying to be neat and was just slapping tape under the shell by this time) it actually looks okay.  I have a feeling the tape will have given away by morning though.
Today was the first and last time I try a completely new craft with anything other than English instructions.  This was just an exercise in frustration.
I have to admit, looking at the picture here.  It doesn't look too bad.
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  1. I think you did a great job, he looks wonderful to me

  2. Oooh I like this one...:) Niiice. :)