Thursday, August 25, 2011

#213 Thrift Store Finds

My seventeen year old and I were in a thrift store today when she discovered the amazing  turtle in the centre of this photo.  After searching around the shelves, we found more of his harem.

We left them posed like this to (hopefully) amuse other shoppers.
We found sooooooo many different turtles in that store today.  Even about four different toys.  This is the only turtle I photographed though. And NONE were worth buying.

My parents are still seeing turtles at their cottage.  Hopefully by the time I am able to get up there I will see some!
My dad sent me this picture.
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  1. I love that you left the thrift turtles in a cute kiss. I'm sure it will bring lots of happiness to the other shoppers that came behind you! :)

  2. Second image: that's a cool looking turtle - it has racing stripes on it's head/neck!

    Thift-store turtles... they get around...

  3. I have no doubt that my daughter brought happiness to other shoppers simply because she was in a great mood and being very silly. I heard at least two other people laugh at her foolishness and one didn't even try to hide the fact that he was chuckling at her.

    She also informed me that the boy turtle is a pimp.

    Tricia, my mom identified the turtle in the photo as a Midland Painted Turtle.

  4. A Midland Painted Turtle? Cool! I have one as a pet!