Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#211 Cucumber Peel, Day 2

For some reason, I didn't dispose of yesterday's cucumber peel turtle and this morning it was curling up and looking more like a turtle.  I won't be saving it for tomorrow.
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  1. hmmmm... not so good with a little balsamic vinegar and on top of my salad...

  2. A turtle walking, no less!

    If you save it, it might end up sprouting a shell pattern too, though I'm not sure the smell would be worth it.

  3. Yeah, not so good now Tricia. :)
    Misha, I did accidentally save it (I didn't want to pitch it out until I knew that my photo worked, then I forgot about it) This morning it had curled up into a tube!
    If I had thought to put googly eyes on it, I would have Bethany!!

  4. I like the way Bethany thinks... "when in doubt - add googlie eyes!"

  5. Apparently, when my daughter was doing a school placement in a kindergarten class, one of the mottos was "Googly eyes makes everything fun" !