Thursday, August 4, 2011

#192 ...Still Being Continued Turtle

Wow!  This one is really  taking longer than I expected! 
All the machine sewing is finished.  So far I am doing a pretty good job following the directions and not taking it my own way.  Except that I don't like the designer's technique for turning pieces right-side-out.  She sews all the way around a piece, then cuts  a hole in it, turns the piece and repairs her hole.  I sew most of the way around, turn and close up the hole.  That is what I have been doing with this turtle.  Toward the end I won't be following instructions completely because she made hers into a sewing kit and I am not.  I will be putting a not-so-secret pocket in it though.
My machine quilting leaves a lot to be desired.  The belly piece went all wonky.  I just have to sew the back feet on, sew the shell on and attach the belly piece.  Oh, and give it eyes and a mouth!  Provided my errands don't take all day, I will be done tomorrow.
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  1. Go, you! This is awesome! I want to machine sew so badly, but the bobbin and I have a complicated relationship. I WILL learn to sew, this inspires me.

  2. Keep trying Amy. It took me years to realize that if I hold the bobbin thread for the first few stitches it won't bunch up underneath.
    The turtle is looking great.