Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#191 ...To Be Continued Turtle

This one is taking me longer than anticipated to make so I am dividing it in two days.
As you may be able to see in my photo, all of the zig-zag-patterned pieces around the big one in the middle are not sewn yet.  The big piece in the middle is going to be the shell and it is all sewn up.  All ten of those tedious little hexagons have been painstakingly lovingly  sewn together to make a large patchwork-y piece and that has been sewn down to the 'shell' (which is also completely sewn up).  All that is needed to complete the shell is some machine quilting. which I have never done. Wish me luck!  The piece with the spool of thread sitting on it is to be the turtle belly.  That is all sewn up too and is just waiting for some quilting.  I also need to create the turtle body with the  zig-zag pieces plus two more that aren't shown.  I believe that  will be the easy part.  I know, I know.... famous last words....
I am optimistic that tomorrow I will be presenting the completed turtle.  With proper colour too.  The shell and belly are really hot pink.  Hopefully a photo taken during the day with natural lighting will show the proper colour.  If you want to take a look at the tutorial I am following and get an idea of what the turtle will look like (except mine won't be a sewing kit) you can take a peek here.
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