Saturday, August 6, 2011

#194 Turtle Pen

I was finally able to make my pen.  I learned a couple of things while trying to do this particular project.  Use a plain stick pen.  Pens with buttons and springs will not work.  This might look even better if I had found pens that were perfectly cylindrical rather than hexagon shaped, although, I think that the angles add an interesting element to the plain paper pen.  Use paper that has a little body to it.  The plain pen is made with very thin paper and it was tricky.  The stripey pen was made using a scrap of fabric from my stuffed turtle and it needs help to stay rolled.

So, here is my turtley pen.  I drew a bunch of tiny turtles on a piece of pale pink paper.

Here is a bit of a close up of one of my fabulously drawn  turtles.  :)

Here are all three of my pens.
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