Friday, August 12, 2011

#200 Turtles are lucky.

They never get a too-short haircut.

It isn't that my fresh haircut looks bad.  It is just wayyyyyy shorter than I had wanted.  I don't blame the hairdresser though, she checked with me before snipping.  I can't really tell when you are holding a chunk of hair saying 'how is this?'.  I thought it looked okay and said 'go for it, if it is too short, it will grow back.'  It is starting to look not-so-bad already.  Hubby says it looks fine.  He is either telling the truth or a convincing liar -I'm not going to find out which!
I'm sure it will grow on me.  (pun totally intended)
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  1. LOL! Congratulations on #200!!!! We are almost there Ange!