Friday, May 13, 2011

Not #109, but a Turtle-free oopsie.

Blogger was down for maintenance last night, so this post is late.  I goofed yesterday and forgot to get my planned turtle photo!  I could have made something up and cheated, but that would defeat part of the purpose of this exercise.
My daughter's elementary school had their annual Spring Concert last night.  My daughter has been working on her part for about a month and was very excited about her portion of the show.  My plan was to have my little 'Angela turtle' meet the rock band and get a photograph with them.  But life happens and my window of opportunity was pretty small and I completely forgot about the turtle in the two or three minutes that we had the stars together for pictures.
I did get to meet the rockers after the concert and got an awesome shot of them!
Sorry for the goof up. Pin It

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