Monday, May 23, 2011


I had no idea that such a day even existed until just a few weeks ago.  World Turtle Day was launched years ago by American Tortoise Rescue (ATR):

"World Turtle Day was launched to increase respect for and knowledge about one of the world's oldest creatures. These gentle animals have been around for about 200 million years, yet they are rapidly disappearing as a result of the live food markets, habitat destruction and the cruel pet trade,"

So in honour of World Turtle Day, I thought I would take a picture of my daughter's turtles, even though the ATR would frown because ours were purchased from a pet store.  I was in there for at least fifteen minutes trying to get a picture of the two of them together.  I wasn't using my flash because I don't want to blind the poor little guys.  I think I could have nailed jello to a tree easier than getting a nice picture of two moving turtles.  I took about forty and got exactly one good picture of them.
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  1. How awesome is that!

  2. They are sooo cute! Happy Turtle Day!

  3. "nailing jello to a tree" that's funny - I might have to steal it!

  4. I didn't make that up Tricia, so go ahead and use it. It just seemed like an appropriate phrase at the time. :)

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  6. Thank you for the information Jack, but I can assure you that proper research was done before ever acquiring these pets. Even though I had a pet turtle as a teenager, we still learned about the proper care of these animals. These are red-eared sliders and they are turtles, which live mostly in water, not tortoises. My daughter did such thorough research that I believe she knows more about their care than I do. She has had them for over a year and a half and they are thriving.