Sunday, May 1, 2011

#98 Tourist Turtle Part II

Technically this first photo was taken last night.

This morning we had breakfast at Denny's where they have a seasoning I have never seen before.  I immediately thought of Atomic Rose and this spider of hers!  See what 365-ing has done to me?

It's called "Bacon Salt" and the tagline is "Everything should taste like bacon" !!!

Then, very close to Denny's is a neat dinosaur that I wanted a picture of.  Hubby had an idea for a turtle picture that I tried to do, but mine didn't work out.  He took one too and his worked out much better!

 (This is Hubby.  My guest photographer for today!)

Hmmmm....  Another new friend?
 ... Maybe not!

Then we came home.  I am thrilled that our one full day at Niagara Falls was beautiful and sunny.  The trip out there was a little rainy and the trip home was rainy!
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  1. OMG! It's Godzilla vs Gamera!

    As I kid I was into watching the Saturday afternoon matinee showcase "Creature Double Feature" and I saw all the Godzilla movies.

    Gamera was a giant saber-toothed turtle who was a massive bad-ass. I think fire and gas came out from under his shell which provided propulsion (the ability to fly)

    You are almost at 100!

  2. Lol, that picture is hysterical! That looks like the dino in the Peewee Herman movie. lol

  3. Love it Tricia! I didn't know about Gamera. :)
    I love Peewee. I can't listen to "Tequila" anymore without thinking of that scene!

  4. For visual examples of Gamera's bad-assery... google "Gamera" and select images...

  5. I love it! Not thinking about each other's project is impossible!

  6. I did Tricia. He is a little scary looking! I think I prefer the sweet, friendly looking turtles! ;)
    Amy, I know what you mean. I was also thinking about Ralph the fish while posing my turtle. Plus being in Niagara Falls, I saw a few snow globes. But the bacon thing made me laugh and the bacon spider also made me laugh so I just couldn't resist that one!