Friday, May 20, 2011

#116 Sunflower Seedlings

The sunflower seeds that we planted back in April are growing nicely.  I tried to find the turtles that I had drawn on the eggshells and they are pretty much gone!  I don't know if it was time, moisture or sunshine that made them fade away but now I know that these markers do not leave a permanent stain.
My "me" turtle was checking out the giant plants.
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  1. These are looking wonderful!

    We followed your lead and tried the eggshell seedling route. They did well, until the snails and slugs gobbled them up out of the garden!

    We're trying again. (I really want some macro shots of sunflowers.)

  2. Very cool! I'm planting some seeds today, don't know if it is to late or not. I had some and my husband threw them away! Haven't had a sunflower since I was a kid. This is how old I am, they gave sunflower seeds in sealed cups with dirt at McDonald's when you bought something! Ha ha that thing was huge! I even named it though I can't remember the name now. lol

  3. I don't remember ever getting anything cool like that from McDonald's!

    We haven't successfully grown sunflowers since before moving to the house we are in now (we've been here for eight years) Something keeps eating ours too. I have read that clean, crushed up eggshells placed around the seedlings will keep snails and slugs away because they can't crawl over them. I have a windowsill full of washed eggshells to put all around these when I plant them outside! I hope they grow. I have a turtley idea for them!