Monday, May 2, 2011

#99 Napkin Turtle

I admit it.  I got lazy today. 
While we were in Niagara Falls this weekend, we toyed with the idea of staying one more day.  The main thing that stopped us from staying was the weather.  It was raining Sunday and was calling for more on Monday.  Neither of us saw any point of staying another day if we were just going to spend it in the hotel.  Anyhow, we DID decide that we would go out to dinner one more time.  We were going to go on Sunday, but we just weren't hungry.  Plus our legs were very, very sore from walking (and walking and walking and walking) up and down hills all day Saturday.  So we went out tonight.  A real upscale, classy dinner. 
Wings means lots of napkins.  They don't even give you napkins where we went.  They have rolls of brown paper towel at the table so you can help yourself to as much or as little as you need. 
So I "made" a turtle out of some.

Just in case you can't see it like I can........
I added a face using Picnik.
(ohhhh, I can already hear my husband laughing at me....)

I have to come up with something special for tomorrow.  I still have no idea what to do....  Pin It