Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#246 Paper Roll "Art" Turtle

Hahahahahahahahahaha!  I grade myself an "A" for the effort I put into this.
I forget where I first saw this idea. , but tonight is the night that recycling goes to the curb so when I saw many easily accesible rolls this evening I thought I'd give it a try.  I think my seaweed hanging down is particularily scary.
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  1. Are you sure that's seaweed and not Freddy Kruger? :)

    I give you an 'A', too. Very fun.

  2. Hahaha! My artistic skills are kind of limited. That doesn't stop me from trying though.
    I wonder if it would have looked more like seaweed if I had tried to do a Freddy Kruger hand!

  3. HA :)

    As far as I'm concerned, the very most important thing is to let nothing stop you from trying.

  4. First of all, this is such a cool idea! And I think you did a great job implementing it. Limited artistic skills? Lady, look back over the last 252 posts!

    Second of all, I don't know how many other families recycle TP rolls (ours does, and has for many, many years) but I always assume it's not that many, and I applaud your family for being one of them!

  5. Thanks Johannah! (although you may want to re-think your comment after seeing post 248... haha)
    I *try* to recycle everything properly. The only TP rolls that don't make it to the recycling bin are the ones that Ginny gets. She is my oldest daughter's gerbil, named Ginny because of her 'ginger' fur and my daughter's love for Harry Potter. (The red-headed girl in the books is named Ginny.)

  6. I love this one. I feel like this is a scene in a story about a turtle on a journey. Looks like it took some work, but it came out great!