Thursday, September 15, 2011

#234 Turtle Jackpot!

Our local hardware store carries a lot of non-hardware items.  Usually for very cheap prices.  Today I walked by and found turtles!  Tons and tons of turtles!  They may have had a few other animals there too, but who noticed them?
They had four different turtles.  I came home with three.  The one I didn't adopt was just like the little blue one, but a washed-out pink colour.  With an annoying squeaker in it.  Why would they put a squeaker in a turtle?????  Since I was already getting a tutu-wearing, bright pink cutie, I didn't bother with a squeaky not-so-bright pink one.   These guys were a steal.  I think Hubby paid as much for my princess turtle as I paid for all three of these guys!
I am a happy girl!  :)

I'd never wear a hat like this, but it looks awfully cute on a turtle!

Turtle faces.  I just love these stuffed turtles.  I have several.  :)
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